Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony
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What is an Unplugged wedding ceremony? Basically it's a ceremony where everyone turns off their phones, tablets, cameras and any other electronic recording device they have.

This means that during the ceremony, they are not all seeing you walk down the aisle through their phones, but actually looking at you. I've seen so many brides walk down the aisle, while all the guests hide behind their phones and devices. The guests aren't actually looking directly at the bride. Their eyes are glued to their phones. It's such a shame.

The photo I took above, is of the newly married couple walking down the aisle as man-and-wife, yet there are 7 phones in this photo with people concentrating on the device, not the couple. You both have put so much effort into this beautiful day, ask your guests to be present in the moment, just for the ceremony, they can tale photos after you leave the ceremony location.

I've done weddings in the past, where guests have had their phones on selfies sticks, then poked it out into the aisle to get photos or video, and I've had to run down the aisle and politely ask them to move it in as they are ruining the couples photos.

However, I do not do this any more, if there are people on thier phones or selfie sticks in the aisle I take the photos as best I can withough running down the aisle. If you as a couple are happy with electronic devices being there at the ceremony, you are aware that this can happen and are ok with it.

Rant over, hahaha. . .