Should You Have A

Kid Free Wedding?

There is no correct answer to this question that will please everyone.

Each couple must sit down and think about this and decide for themselves. This post is written to give you an insight in to the pros and cons of each option.

We'll start with the reasons why you would want kids at the wedding. Firstly, they are family too. Having kids at your wedding can make for some pretty cute and funny photos. All 3 photos on this page were taken at the same wedding at Borgo di Tragliata just outside the beautiful Italian city of Rome.
Come-on, how cute is that photo at the top!!!

Even this photo below of the little girl trying to get a selfie with her brother. I love photos like this. The tiny girl is trying so hard to reach up and get the photo, but the young boy isn't impressed at all. Such a funny photo.

More often than not, kids are unpredictable and they can create little moments that otherwise wouldn't happen without them there. The wedding these 3 photos were taken at, I photographed a little boy, in his suit, crawling on all fours, across the aisle behind the bride and groom to get sweets from his uncle. The bride and groom knew nothing about it, and when I showed them the photo they had a good laugh, it was their son!!!

Kids at weddings, bring their own energy and happiness to a wedding too. When it comes to dancing, they are usually first on the floor.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A few reasons why kids might not invited.
The main one would be the noise. When younger kids (babies and toddlers) decide to cry or scream, everyone is going to hear it. Some of the weddings that I have done that were kid-free, have been smaller, more intimate weddings of 40 people or less.

Another reason, is the fact you just may genuinely want an adult only event, and there is absolutley nothing wrong with that.

A bit of a compromise can be made though. You could hire a Wedding Nanny. Yes, this is a thing. You hire a nanny or two, depending on the number of children and length of time you need them for.