Using Sparklers  At Your Wedding

The subject of using sparklers at weddings, comes up a lot.

I love it when a couple enquires about bringing sparklers or doing something creative at their wedding. It's a new opportunity to create some unique shots for them.

To let you know from the start, there are 2 ways to do 'the sparkler' shot. An easy way, and a more difficult way.

The trickier way of doing it, takes more planning. The camera needs to be set up on a tripod or stable surface. Timers set. Exopsure time and shutter speed calculated. Even with these all set and ready, it's down to the people in the photo to make this work.
They need to stay perfectly still for 1, 2 or maybe more seconds, which isn't at easy as it sounds. Even breathing slightly can make the shot blurry. So as you can guess moving sparklers while staying still is next to impossible, unless you have someone else holding the sparkler and moving it. All this takes up a lot of valuable time on your wedding day.

All the shots on this page were done the easy way. They only took a few seconds and we got it perfect on the first photo each time.

Welcome to the wonderful world of photoshop.

Each of the three sparkler photos on this page were done in photoshop. The couple/family/bride were asked to stand together or in a certain way holding a lit sparkler. I would then use a fast shutter speed, and a flashgun if needed, to create a simple, sharp photo. Once the photo is in photoshop, I then add the sparkler effect. The effect can be in the shape of numbers, letters, hearts, wavy lines, almost anything.

It's a nice surprise to get your wedding photos, not knowing how it will look. The realising how real it looks. To get the shot above, doing it the hard way, the couple would needed to have stood perfectly still for around 10 seconds. Then someone would've had to run around them with the sparkler. I don't use photoshop a lot in my edits, but this is one time it is best to use it.

If you both have any questions at all regarding the sparkler idea, or any other creative things you have in mind, send a quick message and we can figure out how to get it done.

I'm always up for a challenge.