How To Pose

On Your Wedding Day

How to pose on your wedding day, one of the worries couples can have before their big day. Especially if you don't like being photographed.
I'm not a fan of posing either, infact I hate being infront of the camera at all, even though I'm trying to do so for my YouTube channel. So, I totally understand that you may not want overly posey looking photos.
I hear you.

Picking your perfect photographer is one of the main factors that will determine how natural your photos will turn out. Some photographers are very in-your-face, some like to set up flambouyant poses, some stay out of the way and let the day progress without interfering too much. This is why it's important to be comfortable with your photographer, they will be will you for most of the day.

If you can, meet with your photographer and maybe go for a mini shoot or engagement shoot. This will let you see how they work and get the shots.

When I'm capturing a couples engagement photos, I like to spend the first 10 minutes or so, just walking and talking, and finding out a little about them both. After this, I will usually ask them to hold hands and take a short walk and talk amongst themselves. It's that easy. I could fill this page with photos of couples just walking beside eachother. Each photo looks different though, because of the surroundings, the way I have framed them or where I've stood to get the photo. As they dander along chatting, I do all the leg-work running around getting the shots.


There are a few other tricks to getting natural-looking photos, but I leave those for when we meet for a chat. I don't want to give everything away.