About Me

Hi, I'm Mark. When I'm not working, I can be found, (with my camera), wandering in the beautiful Mourne Mountains, or out exploring one of the thousands of stunning areas in N.Ireland and Ireland.
My passion for photography was peaked on a 5 week trip to East Africa in 2008. When I arrived home
, and looked through the photos I'd taken, one of them stood out more than any of the others, and this was the photo that started it all for me. I've added the photo at the bottom of this page. Each time I look at it, I remember the African villagers, the other travellers there, the smell of cooking meat over the small bonfire, the heat, the hard baked sand and rocks under my feet. That's when I realised the power of a photo and I want you to feel as if you are back on your wedding day, every time you look at your photos.

I love doing what I do. A wedding photographer is an incredibly rewarding job. Being a part of a couples special day, documenting the days' events  and creating photographic memories that they cherish is a great privilege.

Whether it's a beautiful church wedding in Belfast, or a stunning mountain wedding in Bavaria, I'll give 101% . . . every time.

I wouldn't say that I've a particular style of photography. Every wedding & couple are different, and need to be approached that way. I listen to you both when you describe your vision for your day, then I work around you. I absolutely love to get creative with photos, and have even photographed a bride and groom in the sea (Mallorca), swimming under the waves.
YES, in their suit and dress!!!

Your Furry Family Member

Why not bring along your furry family member to your engagement
photo session? I love animals, and if you want to include them in your photos,
that's not a problem at all. The only thing to think about is the location of
your engagement photos, some places/areas do not allow pets, though a beach
is a pretty safe bet. If you'd like some more information on engagement photo
sessions, just click the contact button below and I'll get right back to you.