Your Wedding Tips

A few helpful, fun tips & ideas to help you with your wedding & to make it the perfect day which you have dreamed of. A compilation of things I’ve seen at weddings over my time as a professional wedding photographer. If you have any tips you would like to share with us & pass on your help to others viewing this, please feel free to use the contact form on the website to let us know.
Thank you.


* Use Instagram: Making up your very own hashtag on instagram is a great way to see your guests favourite photos from your day. It’s always great to see another perons perspective of things & you will normally get to see these only a day or 2 after the wedding. Though if you book with Image 31 Photography, you will get to see a selection of your professional photos on the very same night at your reception.

* Flower Girl Keepsake: Why not have something embroidered on a handkerchief or scarf for your flowergirl, something like; ‘Louise, You are young today, but a day will come when you are walking down the isle on your own special day, consider this little handkerchief/scarf for the day when you say “I need something old”. Thank you. From ________’

* Read All About it: Take a photo of the rings on the newspaper from the day you are getting married.

* Let’s Dance: Give each table a song name or lyric and when that song plays everyone at that table has to get up and dance.

* Take Away: You’ve had a beautiful cake created but some of your guests couldn’t eat another thing, make sure you have some boxes that can hold a slice or two for your guests to take some home so it doesn’t go to waste.

* Say How It Is: You won’t be sending anything to strangers so your correspondence doesn’t have to be formal – start how you mean to go on by creating a fun atmosphere, from the save the date to the thank you notes and everything in between. Invites saying “SH*T JUST GOT REAL. Mike & Louise are getting married.”

* Need A Favour: Long gone are the days of giving a few sugared almonds – the more thoughtful or practical favours, the more memorable they will be. From bespoke soaps, sunglasses for those glorious summer days, wraps to keep the chill off when the weather turns cooler, to flip flops for those whose high heels have been discarded …the list is endless.

* Your Guests Can Be Florists: On your invites, why not ask the guests bring 1 flower & then you can walk up the aisle & collect them from the guests at the ends of each row and create your bouquet as you go, this works particularly well if the bride is not been given away by anyone.

* Follow That Balloon: If most of your guests will be walking from the ceremony venue to the reception venue give them each a helium balloon so they can follow each other and then join together for a group balloon release and great photo opportunity.

* Turn your party up a notch by giving each guest the opportunity to fill out a DJ Request Card, then play them on a table with a record player or other music device that fits your theme, and then let the magic happen. Friends and family are bound to have an incredible time when the music they want to hear is played. This also makes less work ahead of time for you and your hubby-to-be.

*More to come…