Your Destination Wedding Photographer

Planning a destination wedding is exciting. When you are doing-so, you are not always granted the same freedoms. For instance, you can't just nip down the road to the venue to have a chat with the staff, or have a look around. The venue's in another country, so it's not as easy as that.

A couple of reasons to bring a local photographer with you are, they most likely speak your language, and they are pretty handy to meet up with and chat with.

Two couples in the past have gotten in touch after their wedding, saying, they had wished they had brought me (or a local photographer) with them. The venue photographer did not speak great English and things got a little muddled-up during the day. Great communication with your photographer will make your day so much easier.

Another point, is the fact that the venue photographer in that country may shoot weddings there a lot. Meaning, your photos with them could be like everyone elses that get married there. This can also be a good thing because they know the venue very well. If you bring your photographer with you, they might not know the wedding as well, but they are seeing new ideas through-out the day and are seeing the venue through fresh eyes. I go early and look at the destination wedding venue before the day.

Being hired to photograph a couples special day is a huge responsibility. Even more-so when it’s in a totally different country. I've been to some crazy locations to photograph couples. Some of my favourite destinations in 2019 have been Rome, Lake Como, England, Munich and Kiev.

If you know a local photographer whom you like, ask them can they travel. It may just surprise you how affordable this can be.